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Latest Links

A theory of collective stupidity: laziness, likes and lemmings

People together can be far smarter than they are alone.  But there are common patterns of collective stupidity that are more than the aggregation of individual stupidity.  Many of these are very visible in fields ranging from politics to finance, ecology to health and...

future of enterprise AI

We mined CB Insights data and spoke with 50+ buyers of AI development platforms — including Databricks, Hugging Face, and Scale AI — to understand how they’re deploying AI models, what they’re paying, and what the future holds for the landscape.  Go to...

OpenAI buys Rockset to bolster its enterprise AI | TechCrunch

OpenAI has acquired Rockset, a company building database tech to 'ground' tech like AI in enterprise data, for an undisclosed sum. OpenAI has acquired Rockset, which builds tools to drive real-time search and data analytics. In a post on its official blog, OpenAI said...

Recent Briefings

0.48kWh Should be Enough for Anybody

Exciting and Stupid Google has embarrassed itself once again with hasty roll-out of generative AI features, serving up ‘AI overviews’ for search topics that include glue in Pizza recipes, health suggestions such as ‘eat rocks’ and a whole host of confused, basic...

(Don’t) Hail the Chief!

When a new technology or way of working emerges, the first instinct of many organisations is to appoint a Chief X Officer, which provides the comfort of knowing somebody has ‘got this’ and also that there is ‘one throat to choke’ in terms of accountability. And of...

Centaur service teams and the role of narrow AI in organisations

In deploying AI and automation to upgrade our old organisational systems of work coordination, we should embrace the fact that we are still in the Centaur chess stage, that it might last a while, and that this is probably a good thing. Enterprise AI is built on the...