Inspire and inform key stakeholders with our experiential learning, AI immersion and use case discovery sessions designed for leaders and cross-functional groups

The key to enterprise AI adoption is starting with the right ‘human + AI’ use cases to demonstrate business impact

AI adoption requires multi-stakeholder engagement around business capability groups, rather than just tech hype.

Our learning experiences will help you uncover the use cases where AI could have an impact, map the capabilities you want to create, and also inspire and inform leaders about the art of the possible through hands-on immersion sessions using the latest GenAI and agents in a real-world context.


Customise Your Experience

Each experience is uniquely tailored to your organisation’s needs and ways of working, so please tell us a little bit about your goals to inform our proposed approach:

Use Case Discovery

An engaging activity to identify use cases for enterprise AI, using our discovery models to explore potential benefits, challenges, and implementation ideas

Action learning: Capability Mapping

Define and design a new AI-driven business capability, break it down into its service components and map its relationships with other systems

Immersive Experiential Learning

Take your group on a deep dive into the latest AI tools and technologies to explore what they can do and inspire and inform your stakeholders

  • A hype-free feed of need-to-know links and articles curated and summarised daily by our research team
  • A bi-weekly intelligence briefing on enterprise AI and emerging tech developments from a buy-side perspective
  • Monthly guides, such as implementation recipes, e-books and capability maps, to support cross-functional initiatives
  • Practical guidance & support calls to solve specific issues

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