Learning is changing and change is learning. We need a more practical and impactful way to accelerate the change loop that connects strategy, org development and learning…

Digital technologies such as AI are creating powerful new possibilities for improving our work and workplaces.

Turning this magic into meaningful business capabilities requires the right combination of people, skills, processes, data and integration with core systems, plus better cross-functional collaboration.

How can we plan and connect these capabilities?

Shift*Base is a development environment for your organisational operating system. Leaders use it with their teams to map, connect and improve digital business capabilities, share change missions, and support them with customised learning and playbooks.

Map ⇄ Change  Learn Develop

For each capability goal, Shift*Base offers playbooks, recipes, articles, case studies and learning to help you:


  • Map emerging digital capabilities and identify gaps
  • Work cross-functionally to design new capabilities, such as automations, AI recipes, and new ways of working
  • Align day-to-day learning with strategic capability goals
  • Share learning goals and change missions more widely
  • Become a more effective digital change leader

Missing Piece of the Digital Workplace?

Shift*Base extends your Microsoft 365 digital worplace and makes it more strategic, with a better way to map and find people and teams in the emerging digital organisation.

AI & Automation Capability Planning

Avoid a proliferation of experiments and stand-alone initiatives by connecting and mapping AI efforts to create shared capabilities supported by learning and adoption resources.

Minimise Waste / Maximise Shared Services

Avoid duplication and use a shared capability map to help business stakeholders make plans based on a shared picture of your digital business capabilities and platform services.

Pricing & Availability

Shift*Base will be available for enterprise customers running Microsoft 365 in the cloud in mid-2024.

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