A new approach to learning, change and digital capability development that helps leaders grow smart organisations in the AI era

AI, automation, and the digital workplace are changing the way we lead and manage our organisations, placing unprecedented demands on leaders and their teams.

Leaders need to embrace new technologies, fast-track digital business capabilities, and quickly absorb new skills – all whilst developing their teams and delivering on core business goals.

They need better support.

Executive education teaches abstract concepts, which are hard to implement in practice, and is struggling to keep up. Traditional learning programmes provide basic training and ‘best practices’, but that is not enough. Consultants may deliver short-term improvements, but rarely long-term gains.


We have condensed two decades of experience as digital change leaders within large enterprises to create the base for a comprehensive organisational operating system, and the tools to adapt, improve and deploy it.

We have also created an end-to-end leadership learning curriculum that is one of the most practical and engaging in the world today, refined and honed by teaching senior executives in some of the most exciting companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East over several years.

By combining these, we have created a unique offering that is more practical than a learning programme, more engaging than a change programme, and more strategically valuable than advisory or consulting.

Actionable intelligence for leaders at every level

Shift*Academy is a learning companion for leaders who want to make sense of AI, get ahead in digital transformation, and understand technology trends that impact their role, their areas of responsibility, and their teams.


  • Weekly briefing on enterprise AI & emerging tech
  • Daily newsfeed of need-to-know links and articles
  • Techniques, playbooks, recipes & capability maps
  • Practical guidance & support from our experts

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A digital capability accelerator for the enterprise

Helps leaders plan, design and implement new digital business capabilities, and ensures learning and ways of working are aligned to make the most of them.


  • Personalised learning & playbooks based on your goals
  • Full¬†digital leadership & change learning journeys
  • Digital capability and skills mapping with goal setting
  • A strategy & planning tool for new ways of working